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14 Mar. 2022 10:01 a.m.





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While there is a relatively large number of fossils or fossils of prehistoric dinosaurs in Argentina.

But there is little evidence of these animals in Brazil.

Until a new fossil has been excavated from the central state of Rio Grande do Sul in southern Brazil.

Paleontologists from the University of Santa Maria in Brazil have described a newly discovered fossil consisting of an 11 cm long femur bone. ) and the most interesting fact is that

This fossil was excavated from a fossil deposit that is about 237 million years old, so it is the oldest fossil of a dinosaur ancestor from South America.

And it is important evidence to fill a gap in the data on dinosaurs from Brazil. It also reveals that the ancestors of dinosaurs lived in South America 1 million years earlier than anticipated.

But there is another interesting fact.

Fossil site where new dinosaur remains found

Many large reptile skeletal remains, such as Prestosuchus chiniqueensis, have also been found linked to crocodiles.

Considered to be a gigantic predator, reaching 7 meters in length, these creatures were abundant and larger than their dinosaur ancestors at about 1 meter in length, so it is possible that the ancestors of the dinosaurs faced many challenges. before it evolved into a colossal body and power over anyone in the next generation.

Credit : skeleton by Maurloio Silva Garoia;

photo and oomposition by Rodrigo Temp Muller