During the operation carried out by the Balakan District Police Department, those who received large quantities of drugs and psychotropic substances smuggled into the country and organized their sale online were detained.

As a result, about 10 kilograms of drugs were seized.

The Sheki regional group of the Interior Ministry's Press Service told APA that Baku residents Nurlan Rzayev and Elchin Karakmezli, as well as Sumgayit resident Zaur Rzayev, were detained during the operation.

A search of a Toyota car driven by the latter turned up 7 kilograms 400 grams of dried marijuana, about 2 kilograms of heroin and 312 grams of methamphetamine, a psychotropic substance.

During a personal search, heroin was seized from Rzayev.

During the preliminary investigation, it was established that Nurlan Rzayev was involved in a drug courier at the suggestion of a drug dealer living in one of the neighboring countries and smuggling drugs to Azerbaijan through social networks.

The last time the foreigner failed to smuggle drugs from the Balakan region to Georgia, he asked his courier to take the drugs from Balakan to Baku.

In return, he said he would give Nurlan 5,000 manat.

After reaching an agreement, N.Rzayev came to Balakan with his acquaintances Z.Rzayev and E.Karakmazli, took the drug from the place indicated in the photos sent to him via WhatsApp, and on his way back was detained by police.

The detainees were handed over to the investigation together with material evidence, and the investigation is underway.