Cryptocurrency Prices: A tremendous fall in the prices of cryptocurrencies.

Markets around the world are facing the brunt of the Russo-Ukraine war.

The cryptocurrency market is also going down continuously.

On Monday or on March 7, 2022, a decline of 2.20 percent has been recorded in bitcoin.

According to Indian crypto exchange CoinSwitch Kuber, BTC was trading around $39,398 or around 3 million in the morning.

Inter lakh).

Bitcoin was down 2.12 percent on international crypto exchanges and was around $ 37,784 or around Rs 29 lakh.

Last week the price of the currency was around $ 45,000 or around 34.5 lakh.

After bitcoin, many other crypto coins like Ether saw a big drop. The native coin of the Ethereum blockchain registered a decline of 3.43 percent.

Ether has fallen below $2,700 or around 2.08 lakhs.

Tether and USD Coin were moving in the green.

Tether was trading with a gain of 0.33% or 0.29%. 

The market has been seeing a decline since Russia's ascent over Ukraine.

At the same time, China is continuously taking action against the cryptocurrency market.

China has already banned crypto mining, trading and fundraising. 

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