As a result of search operations carried out by officers of the Drug Enforcement Department of the Absheron District Police Office, another person involved in drug trafficking was detained in Masazir settlement of the district.

The press service of the Interior Ministry told APA that Dunya Gasimova, living in the settlement, was detained during the operation.

During a search of his bag and the house where he lived, 1 kilogram 27 grams of heroin and the psychotropic substance methamphetamine were found.

The investigation revealed that the detainee organized an opium den for drug users in his house in Masazir settlement.

There, Dunya Gasimova created conditions for drug dealers to take heroin and methamphetamine.

During another operation carried out by the employees of the department, a resident of the capital Sanan Osmanov, who was involved in drug trafficking, was detained in Khirdalan.

During the search, 1 kilogram of marijuana was found.

In his testimony, Sanan Osmanov said that he bought the drug for sale and personal use.

Dunya Gasimova and Sanan Osmanov, detained during the latest operations, have been remanded in custody, and the investigation is underway.