Russia Ukraine War: Indian students claim they were deboarded at Kharkiv station

Kharkiv, Ukraine :

Indian students present at Kharkiv Railway Station in Ukraine have claimed that they were deboarded from the train.

Indian students say that a train has come and gone but they are not being allowed to board the train.

Indian students standing in the open amid snowfall at Kharkiv railway station said that it is getting cold and snowing here.

The students said in despair, "I don't know how long we will stand like this. We have girls with us too."

The students have requested that they should be helped as soon as possible.

There is a crowd of thousands at Kharkiv railway station at this time.

Hundreds of Indian students have reached Kharkiv railway station playing on their lives amid Russian bombing. 

The war between Ukraine and Russia is intensifying.

On the seventh day of the war, Russia targeted many cities of Ukraine.

There is talk of great devastation in the Russian attack in the capital Kyiv and Kharkiv.

Russian troops are moving towards the Ukrainian capital Kyiv and Ukrainian forces are fighting them.

Meanwhile, a case of death of another Indian student has come to light in Ukraine.

Indian student died due to illness.