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"Dinosaur Chaiyaphum" commemorates 100 million years of fossils

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2 Mar. 2022 1:43 PM.





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If anyone accesses the website Google (Google) today will find that Doodle or Google's homepage logo.

It was changed to a picture of "

Dinosaur Chaiyaphum

" to commemorate the 6th anniversary of the important geological discovery of Thailand. 

Go back to the origin of "Dinosaur Chaiyaphum", fossils over 100 million years old.

Back in 2016, the Department of Mineral Resources

reported the discovery of fossils

or dinosaur bone fossils

After the villagers went fishing and found a large skeleton.

in the area of ​​Ban Phanang Mat

Nong Bua Rawe Subdistrict

Nong Bua Rawe District, Chaiyaphum Province 

Later there were experts in paleontology.

Go to the excavation area more.

More than 20 important fossil bones have been discovered, proving to be "

dinosaur bones

", a herbivorous species.

That looks like a long neck and tail, walks on four feet. The body may be about 23-30 meters long. It is believed that it is a dinosaur in the group.

"Titanosauriform" Sauropod species

this discovery

It was found that dinosaur remains of Thailand that are more than 100 million years old and are a new species of the world.

It is believed that it used to live in geologic periods.


(about 145 million years ago), which is very useful for the study of the evolution of life in primitive times.

First page of Google website on March 2, 2022 : make a doodle image, change the logo to

"Dinosaur Chaiyaphum"

Google changed the image logo.

"Dinosaur Chaiyaphum" commemorates the great discovery of Thailand.


Google Doodle

" is to change the logo of Google that will be displayed on the home page of Google.

to celebrate important days, holidays or birthdays of artists

Scientists, pioneers or important people of the world, etc. Google will have a team of designers of these images called "


" for creating new logos.

It's the homepage of Google all over the world.

The discovery of bone

Chaiyaphum dinosaurs

, more than 100 million years old, Thailand in 2016 is considered the largest fossil discovery in Thailand.

And Southeast Asia, where Google has created a doodle image published around the world.

It also shows that the northeastern region of Thailand

It is also a valuable fossil excavation site.

and the importance of studying the evolution of living things 


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