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Turkey could gain a lot if it works with the European Union to stop migrants from the ethnically divided island of Cyprus, a senior EU official said on Sunday, the Associated Press reported.

European Commission Vice-President Margaritis Schinas said he would be pleased if Turkish authorities showed the same level of co-operation in halting the arrival of migrants in Cyprus as they had shown in the European deal with the Belarusian "hybrid attack" in pushing migrants to the border. Poland.

"Look, Turkey, like all our neighbors, needs to understand one very simple thing - that when it comes to the migrant issue, they can gain a lot if they work with Europe instead of working against it," Shinas said.

Next month, the vice-president of the European Commission will visit Turkey to study the ways in which migrants reach the northern parts of the island of Cyprus - whether by flights from Istanbul or by boat from the opposite Turkish coast.

Eighty-five percent of migrants who reach northern Cyprus cross the UN-controlled buffer zone, which divides the island into ethnic areas.

Cyprus and Frontex have agreed on an operational action plan for migration

Cypriot officials accuse Turkey of deliberately supporting channels for migrant trafficking to the northern parts of the island.

The buffer zone is not recognized as the EU's external border and the authorities refrain from erecting any firewalls.

However, Nicosia says it will implement "high-tech measures" to stem the flow of migrants.

"What I see along the green line is shocking.

This is a completely different perspective on the problem than the one seen at a distance, "Schinas said, adding that with its limited resources, Cyprus has to deal with an" extremely large, disproportionate "burden.

Cypriot Foreign Minister Nikos Nuris, for his part, said that in recent years, Cyprus has received the most migrants per capita compared to any other EU country.

Schinas noted that the EU is working with Cyprus to stop migrants.

Nicosia will also receive significant financial assistance to tackle the problem and repatriate those whose asylum applications have been rejected.

"In Europe, we must stop acting like firefighters, fleeing from crisis to crisis, and become architects of a new, comprehensive European framework for migration and asylum management," he said.

According to Nuris, Cyprus will ask the European Border and Coast Guard Agency Frontex to monitor the sea area between Turkey and Cyprus and send representatives to the port of Istanbul and the coastal area opposite the north of the island to check for migrants.