This figure was announced by the first deputy chairman of the Supreme Court

Valer Kalinkovich

, BelTA reports.

“Preliminary investigation of the cases related to the protests is still going on.

If we take a specific period from August 2020 to the beginning of February this year, 1,832 people were convicted for crimes related to protests, ”Kalinkovich said.

According to him, 168 of them were convicted for organizing or participating in mass riots, 396 - for group actions that violate public order, 468 - for insulting government officials, 29 - for slander, another 126 people were convicted of hooliganism, 86 - for bullying. of state symbols.

27 sentences were handed down for inciting social hatred, and 7 people were convicted for acts of terrorism.

"Against the background of the total workload in criminal cases, it is less than 10%," - said the first deputy chairman of the Supreme Court.

According to human rights activists, at the beginning of February 2022 there were 1,022 political prisoners in the country.

The number of people convicted in "protest" cases is much higher than the number of recognized political prisoners.