The administration of US President Joe Biden has prepared 18 different scenarios in case of a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This was stated by US Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland in an interview published on Saturday in the British newspaper "Financial Times".

“I’m not going to pre-tell about 18 different scenarios.

I will just say that my allies and I are ready to hurt very quickly if Russia takes any aggressive step, ”the diplomat said.

Nuland stressed that sanctions against Russia by the United States and European countries may differ.

"Sometimes something is harder for us than in Europe, and sometimes the opposite," she said.

However, the US Deputy Secretary of State stressed that Washington is negotiating with European allies on a possible response to Russia's actions, which would take into account the interests of the people of Western countries.

Commenting on the talks on "security guarantees" between the US and Russian delegations, which took place this week, Nuland said that the parties managed to hear each other's concerns, but a serious discussion has not yet begun.

"At the moment, we've only heard each other's fears," she said.

- We did not start the type of negotiations that we should have started to try to reach agreements.

Especially if they want these agreements to be legally binding.

That's why we need more time. "