Phuket Provincial Health Office found 92 tourists infected with Omicron, tight control, no epidemic in the area

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December 30, 2021, 10:41 a.m.





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Phuket Provincial Public Health Office reveals that "Omicron" has been found in 92 foreign tourists who travel to Thailand.

Covid-19 test

Dark since the airport, ensuring that there will be no spread in the area

On December 30, 1964, Dr. Kusak Kukiatkul Phuket Provincial Public Health Doctor said about the situation of Covid-19 in Phuket that the overall situation is improving. On average, 30 new cases were found in the province per day, but the overall figure came from the group of tourists in the Phuket Sandbox Project. and Tesco But the number of new cases that increase If comparing the percentage of infected people Not different from in July, which is 0.3%, but the reason it seems that the number has increased due in the month In July, 400-500 tourists came in per day, 2-3 people were infected per day, but now 3,500-4,000 tourists come in per day, so the number of infected people is quite high, averaging 20-30 per day. People The reason for the increase in the number of infected people Due to the increasing number of tourists And now there is an outbreak of omikron species all over the world. which is likely to be a new wave It is an infection that is easily infected.

"Foreign tourists traveling to Phuket

Through the airport, 100% of the COVID-19 test will be conducted if positive.

Species will be sent separately at the Phuket Medical Science Center first.

And when the preliminary results are known, there is a chance that it is an omikron species.

will send the result to be confirmed again at the Department of Medical Sciences


It takes about 7-10 days to follow up.” Dr. PSU Phuket

Dr. Kusak also said that

So far 92 people have been sent to central for testing. I'm pretty sure 99% of them are Omicron species.

and it is quite clear that

Tourists are now infected with omikron.

of Phuket Province of 92 people, but all of them were examined at the Day Center.

or the first time getting off the plane

which has been detained and treated since the first day of arrival in Phuket

therefore ensuring that

There will be no spread in the area.