On This Day, look back at the coolest information on the countdown day.

End the old year's night and welcome the new year with dtac


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December 30, 2021, 10:29 a.m.





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Countdown to a special time for the New Year's Eve countdown to welcome the new year.

It is an important moment for many people to experience a happy night.

Along with counting down the old year to head towards a brighter new year.

But many people know that today last year.

DTAC has some amazing information that happened on the countdown day.

It can be said that it creates a bang throughout the New Year's Eve unexpectedly.

If you want to know what happened last year's On This Day?

We'll take everyone to see all those bliss!!

Popular applications that are trending on countdown days.

During New Year's Eve, there are many popular applications. Each area has different functions. Some use it to order food to buy delicious things. Come celebrate on the countdown day. Others use chat apps to set up New Year's Eve parties. Or in some areas, use the application to find the location that you like. Because it will be easier to pin to different places, and there are many streaming applications that are entertaining. Plus, you can enjoy the day before the countdown. Do you want to know which areas in each region have some outstanding applications? Let's go and see.

• Northern region focuses on eating, not playing.

Ordering the most food must be given to "Chiang Mai".

"Chiang Mai" is the province that uses the Food Delivery application to order the most food on countdown days.

And the most used application is inevitable Grab, one of the popular choices for many people.

because he ate things

Is there such a size or is it possible to miss using the favorite delivery application Lam Tae Tae?

Central region focuses on talking all day.

Chat with each other throughout the day, the most must avoid


everywhere must avoid "Bangkok" because this province uses the LINE application to count down all day long.

It can be said that it is an application that is very suitable for chat calls.

Northeastern region focuses on opening the location.

near or far

Finding the most travel routes is inevitable "Nakhon Ratchasima"

. The province that is loved by tourists is "Nakhon Ratchasima" or "Korat" because it uses the Google Maps application to find the most travel routes on the countdown days.

Whether it's fun or lost, just look at the location pin.

Eastern region emphasizes showing off to the world.

Upload a story to a fish roe.

Confident in showing the most pictures, it must be given to "Chonburi"

, a province that shows more talent than anyone else, must give way to "Chonburi" because this is the province that uses the Instagram application the most on countdown days.

Showing pictures of stories all over the city must be given to this application.

The western region focuses more on entertainment than anyone else.

Shining on the cuteness from dancing the most, having to retreat to "Ratchaburi"

looks like nothing, but it turns out that "Ratchaburi" is the province that uses the TikTok application the most on countdown days.

Look at the girl or shine the dancing person. Go and see, maybe you will find a meme Kiminoto.

Southern region, focusing on marathon long haul, watching LIVE and watching video clips until the most between them is "Songkhla"

, the province that uses the YouTube application the most. Of course, the position must be lifted to "Songkhla". Watch LIVE. Watch the clip. video suddenly

I knew it again and was already in the middle.

Because enjoying the entertainment from the content of these YouTubers can be called fin!!

And this is part of last year's countdown days.

It can be said that each region will have a task.

to use different applications

Knowing this, the countdown day is coming.

We have to win again which provinces will be able to use the application with the most bang puri.

And now dtac is ready to organize a mobile signal army with service in all areas throughout Thailand during the

New Year


2022, supporting both calls at home.

long weekend travel

Ready to use in all formats

including adding signal accessories, arranging a mobile car with a special team to take care of you 24 hours a day, no holidays, to welcome the upcoming year of the Tiger