A surprising case has come to light in Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka.

Here a girl is missing for the last two months and the police have not been able to trace her till now.

Police is calling it a complicated matter.

To trace the minor daughter, the parents have appealed to the people on Twitter.

Anushka, 17, a resident of Bangalore, left the house on October 31 with two pairs of clothes and Rs 2,500 in cash.

Two months later, her parents are still searching for their only daughter.  

The girl's mother said, "She had been ignoring us for some time. We know that she loves us. She will definitely come back to us."

Anushka was just like any other girl, but her parents noticed a change in her behavior for the first time in September.

He realized that she became a recluse and remains cut and broken. 

The girl's father said, "I took her to the counsellor. We noticed a change in her behaviour. She had stopped talking to us, was lost in herself and was distancing herself from household chores. "

Anushka's parents suspect that she has been influenced by reading online about Shamanism, the spiritual world, that is, the practice of establishing contact with spirits or gods and goddesses.

It is an ancient healing tradition, known to connect with the spirit world. 

Her father said, "It seemed that someone influenced her. She is a minor. She is not in a position to take her own decisions. She told me that she wanted to adopt Shamanism." 

Anushka is a 12th pass out and was reportedly influenced by spiritual life coaches and psychedelic educators like Sahara Rose and Kamya Buch.

He reportedly talked to his parents about learning about the process of connecting with the spiritual world. 

Bengaluru Police says that there was no CCTV at the place where the teenager was dropped.

They are checking his online activities.