CM Nitish Kumar lost his cool when speech was interrupted

Muzaffarpur (Bihar):

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Wednesday got annoyed and lost his cool for a while after media attention came to people making noise during a public meeting in Muzaffarpur. Nitish has been touring the state since December 22 under the 'Samaj Reform Abhiyan' and is holding public meetings against these evils, enumerating the ill effects of alcohol/drugs, dowry and child marriage. Under this campaign, during the Chief Minister's speech in a public meeting held in Muzaffarpur on Wednesday, some people started making noise and after hearing that the media persons also moved towards them.

Nitish lost his cool about this incident and said to the stage, "Hey what are you guys doing brother.

What are you doing this photo... Where are these media people going.

You people hate the social reform campaign.

If you hate then get out of here.

What kind of work are you doing?

Let who speaks what.

Do you not know the society, is it the nature of man that he can be hundred percent cured.

There can never be a hundred percent recovery, that's why the campaign has to be run.

That's why we are running a campaign. 

Take out procession, raise slogans if anyone finds someone violating prohibition: Nitish Kumar

Nitish said very sadly, "So where in the middle are people listening and going after me and doing ho-hum.

According to the police, some elected representatives of the local level had come to hand over the memorandum to the Chief Minister and got agitated when they were stopped at some distance from the stage.

However, the police had pacified them after talking to them.

Nitish Kumar hurt his own image in the pursuit of becoming a social reformer

Nitish further said in his address, "Did you not listen to women today.

In what form is awareness among women coming?

There is awakening in women and if you are a man, then will there not be awakening in you?

Are we running this campaign only for the awakening of women?

There should be an awakening among men as well." He said, "If you have any complaint, meet me when I complete the ceremony." and resumed his speech emphasizing on the evils of dowry.

It is worth noting that Nitish's decision of complete prohibition in the state has been in controversy since the death of more than 40 people in the poisonous liquor scandal in November around Diwali.

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