One man who caused an incident on Tuesday on a flight from Billund, Denmark, to Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a Bosnian with Danish citizenship, Sulejman Imamovic.

He, as the Bosnian media had reported, tried to open the door of the plane after learning that the flight had been diverted to Belgrade.

A criminal report has been filed against him after he was arrested after landing at the Belgrade airport, Telegrafi reports.

Even, after additional consultations with the Prosecution of Serbia, criminal charges were filed against him for criminal offenses of incitement to national, racial and religious hatred and intolerance, as well as endangering the security of airspace.

Recall that a reader of had said that the Wizz Air plane last night could not land at Tuzla airport due to fog.

And after information that the flight had been diverted to Belgrade, one of the passengers got up from his seat and tried to open the door.