At its meeting today, the Cabinet of Ministers of Lithuania approved a proposal of the Ministry of Health to introduce mandatory vaccination for health workers and employees in the social care sector, the press service of the Cabinet said, quoted by BTA.

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The coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19) 29362

"Persons working in the health care system and in the field of social services are obliged to be vaccinated against infectious diseases, in connection with the spread of which an emergency situation or quarantine is declared," the statement said.

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Health Minister Arunas Dulkis explained at the meeting that unvaccinated staff will have to be transferred to remote work.

"If this is not possible, they will have to be fired without pay until they are vaccinated," he said.

If the employee does not agree to be vaccinated, he will be able to be fired in three months without being paid.

The government decree will be submitted to the Seimas (parliament) for approval.

If lawmakers support the cabinet's position, the mandatory vaccination decision will take effect on February 14, 2022.

Everything on the topic:

The coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19) 29362

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The Coronavirus Epidemic (COVID-19)


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