The Minister of Justice, Albulena Haxhiu, has stated that the Kurti Government has not had any scandals so far.

Asked about the former prosecutor Elez Blakaj and the reason why he did not return to Kosovo, after Prime Minister Albin Kurti during the campaign had stated that if VV comes to the Government, then "Lumezi goes, Elezi comes", Haxhiu said that makes an open invitation to Elez to return and contribute to Kosovo.

"Kurti addressed it as a symbol in the sense that with our Government there will be no prosecutors who will have pressure or who will be forced to leave Kosovo.

We strongly support them in whatever need prosecutors have.

There are no such cases in our government, there are no scandals in our government, in previous governments there have been scandals every week.

"Do not take my 'joystick' as a scandal", said Haxhiu on Channel 10.

Minister Haxhiu refused to comment on the statements of PDK MP, Ardian Kastrati, who described the Kurti Government as a "Government of scandals".