This December 27, the Reserve Brigadier General Humberto Francis Pardo died in Havana at the age of 76, who for three decades was head of the Personal Security Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior, with a brilliant service record. in the protection of the physical integrity of our main leaders and in defense of the Revolution.

Among numerous decorations, he was awarded the Order "June 6" of the First Degree in recognition of his more than 55 years of accumulated service in the ranks of the Revolutionary Armed Forces and the Ministry of the Interior, linked to the Directorates of Special Operations and Personal security.

He held different positions in the chain of command, demonstrating during his performance dedication, dexterity and reliability, fundamentally in the organization and direction of protection activities for the main leaders of the Revolution, and loyalty to the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz and the General of Army Raúl Castro Ruz.

Brigadier General Francis Pardo was born in Songo la Maya, Santiago de Cuba on March 2, 1945, and from the age of 16 he joined the Revolutionary Armed Forces, fulfilled an internationalist mission in the People's Republic of Angola and accompanied the leader of the Revolution and other senior leaders on dissimilar tours of the country and on their trips abroad.

He was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General in June 1986.

His remains were exposed today at the Calzada y K funeral home, for a subsequent ceremony with the corresponding military honors.

Farewell to a brave combatant of Personal Security, Brigadier General Humberto Francis Pardo, who was Chief of that troop of loyalists during 30 of his 56 years of service in @minint_cuba, under the command of the Commander in Chief #Fidel and the Army General # Raúl.

- Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez (@DiazCanelB) December 28, 2021


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