A man tried to open the door of the plane on the flight to Tuzla because he did not want to stop in Belgrade.

According to Bosnian media, Telegrafi reports, this is an event that happened during last night's flight from Billund, Denmark to Tuzla.

As further stated, there occurred an unusual incident when a man tried to open the door of the plane, even during the flight.

According to a reader of the klix.ba portal, the Wizz Air plane could not land at Tuzla airport due to the fog and after the information that the flight had been diverted to Belgrade, one of the passengers got up from his seat and tried to opened the door.

The man was quickly stopped by the intervention of the cabin crew.

As it is further learned, after the husband was prevented from doing such a thing, his wife also tried to do the same.

And after landing at Belgrade airport, both were arrested.