The civic initiative that is committed to elections related to wearing masks in schools, yesterday held protests in Skopje, Bitola, Kavadarci, Stip, Kumanovo, Strumica, Ohrid and other cities.

The initiative, which within a few days received more than 9 thousand supporters on social networks, is committed to change Covid protocols in education, so the use of masks from compulsory, to be the choice of parents.

Parents say that the protocols are illogical and according to them sports clubs, restaurants, playgrounds can be used without masks, while students are not allowed to enter schools if they do not wear masks.

According to them, the consequences of using masks that block the flow of oxygen to the brain, will have long-term consequences for their mental and physical health.

They are determined that from the next semester, their children will not go to school with masks./Telegrafi/