Confirmation of the first case with Omikron in the country, will not lead to the tightening of measures during the end-of-year holidays.

Outgoing Minister of Health Venko Filipce, says that the latest scientific data show that this variant is softer compared to the Dellta type.

However, Filipce emphasizes that the best way to protect against any variant is vaccination.

Although the data of the Population Census have not been published yet, Filipçe says that based on the new census, 55% of the total population in the country is immunized, and according to him this is a data that gives hope for easier overcoming. of the pandemic, writes Alsat.

"For now, only one positive case has been identified with Omikron in our country.

I consider that neither this variant nor any other variant of the virus which would eventually appear, should push us towards the imposition of additional austerity measures.

I think the current measures are very well dimensioned.

2:43 This form of virus gives a lighter clinical picture which means that we are not expected to overload hospital capacity.

Even now the hospitals are being emptied.

A part of the infectious wards in the Kovid centers are being closed.

"Hospital capacities are not in charge at the moment" - declared Venko Filipce, Minister of Health.

Experts recall that the current measures are very effective, but only if observed.

According to them, there is no room for fear and panic as long as citizens adhere to anti-covid protocols.

"We do not have to be afraid, there is no reason to be afraid, the situation on the ground is what it is. We have to behave wisely, and that means we have to be careful. Not to remove the masks and get infected intentionally and expect that we will pass easily because we still can not predict which of the infected will pass easily and which will not. We need to take care of the virus and aggravate its transmission from one person to another. 5:43 “It is up to all of you in your conscience to be attentive, to respect the masses individually. "The measures are very effective, from the beginning of the pandemic until now, and they help a lot," said Aleksandar Petlickovski, an immunologist.

Recent research has shown that the third dose of the vaccine provides protection of up to 80% in overcoming the newest variant Omikron, which is becoming dominant in the world./Alsat/