PM Modi announced to start vaccination for children

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in

his address to the nation on Saturday gave the gift of New Year to the countrymen. He announced that now the


of 15 to 18 years of

age will be given the corona vaccine (Covid vaccination)

in the country. This campaign will start from 3 January 2022. Also, vaccine precaution doses will be given for health care workers. It will start on 10 January 2022. There have been many important stages of vaccination in the country. Know what happened from the beginning of vaccination for healthcare workers from January 16 last year till now booster dose and vaccination for children...

16 January -


of health care workers The vaccination

of Kovid-19 started in India from 16 January 2021.

Then firstly the vaccine was started for healthcare workers.

These health care workers were engaged in the treatment of patients without stopping after the disaster of Corona. 

Vaccine to frontline workers The

government also started corona vaccination for frontline workers from February 2.

This included policemen, other personnel engaged in emergency services and security forces. 

Vaccination of the Elderly The

central government then further expanded the vaccination campaign on 1 March.

Then the government started vaccination for the elderly above 60 years of age. 

Vaccines to Victims of Diseases

Modi government started


for sick people above 45 years of age (comorbidity) from 1st April.

20 diseases were identified for the victims of such comorbidities above the age of 45 years. 


to all adults

from May 1

After the announcement of this vaccination, the vaccination became open to all the people. 



and Booster

Dose for Children In India, now children of 15 to 18 years of age will be given the Kovid vaccine.

This campaign will start from 3 January 2022.

There will be a booster dose of the vaccine for health care workers.

It will be launched on 10 January 2022.