On the sixth anniversary of the decision of the Constitutional Court on the Association of Serb-majority municipalities, the Government of Kosovo is requested to rely on this judgment and push it forward in the dialogue with Serbia.

The same, according to experts in the dialogue process, would make it impossible to create a Serb ethnicity with executive powers.

But, from the ruling party, they express categorically against the establishment of any mono-ethnic association.

Emir Abrashi from Democracy Plus, says for KosovaPress that the Government of Kosovo should insist on the decision of the Constitutional Court for the Association and not insist against its formation.

"The Republic of Kosovo has signed an agreement for the formation of the Association, initially in 2013 and the same was amended in 2015. The 2015 amendment has a very important element, which provides that any formation of the Association must pass by the Court Constitutional. In this respect, this is a great protection for Kosovo, given this fact, it would be impossible to form any Association with executive powers, which would be the third power and would violate the unitary character of Kosovo. We must therefore insist on this point and not insist on its non-formation. Because, sooner or later, it will be formed, but if we insist on not forming and renegotiating the agreement, we may lose this point that protects the Republic of Kosovo."I think that the Government is blocking the formation of the Association as a way to increase the bargain at the roundtable discussion in Brussels", said Abrashi.

Arbër Fetahu from the Group for Legal and Political Studies is in the same line.

He says for KosovaPress that the executive should create a more expanded and deepened position for the Association.

According to him, an attempt should be made to create an alliance in the position against the Association, both in the local political spectrum and in the international allies.

"The decision of the Constitutional Court should be postponed, but we still consider that an agreement with the Association in it with executive powers, such as it was initially proclaimed violates the constitutional order, so it is difficult to find a creative solution, but it is necessary. this kind of resistance so that these executive powers do not have a new ethnicity in Kosovo. As it practically creates the de-functionality of the constitutional order of Kosovo. […] It is good for the Government of Kosovo to create a position on the Association that is even slightly expanded and deepened. It should seek alliance within Kosovo even though most political parties reject the agreement with executive powers and create a position on how to get out of this agreement. Can be formed with non-executive powers,or should be discarded completely. To have a clearer position and to come out with a position which is even more stable with the EU, allies and Serbia ", declared Fetahu.

But categorically against the establishment of any Association, is the deputy of Vetëvendosje Movement, Arbër Rexhaj.

"We do not believe that the issue of the Association is like an NGO or an organization that has no executive powers.

Had it been so, there would not have been even one debate that would have reached this point, it would not have been prolonged until now.

I believe it is deeper and of course it has our 'no'.

Because our early cause was that we can not defunctionalize the state of Kosovo, create a third state, create a parallel system in education, health, police and security.

"We certainly do not accept this aspect and this form", he emphasizes.

On December 23, 2015, the Constitutional Court ruled in favor of the Association of Serb-majority Municipalities.

The decision of the Constitution stated that the general principles are not entirely in line with the spirit of the Constitution, based on Article 3 and the rights of communities in the Constitution of Kosovo.

The request for compliance with the principles of this agreement was sent to the Constitutional Court by the then president, Atifete Jahjaga.

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