Bishop Dodë Gjergji in the solemn mass for Christmas, said that we should love our country, life and future, because fear, insecurity and disappointment, like a virus are consuming us inside, while he criticized the deputies who as he said about their shame and to offend everyone, they passed the abortion law tonight.

Dodë Gjerigji at the solemn Christmas Mass organized by the Bishopric of Kosovo, which was held at the Cathedral "St. Mother Teresa" in Pristina, gave messages of kindness, closeness and solidarity.

Bishop Dodë Gjergji said that Christmas is a holiday of joy and happiness, while adding that with Christ we can live with the hope that we will never be disappointed.

"In our country, in the hearts of many people, doubt, despair and hopelessness have created a huge space of emptiness, where fear, insecurity and disappointment, like a virus are worrying us inside.

As a result our young people see their future elsewhere where they want to secure a better life for themselves and find a better future for their children.

In our families there is less and less love, harmony and understanding because their place has been taken by disagreement, doubt and misunderstanding.

What is more terrible is divorce has become the solution of marital fidelity problem.

Sadly even the fatal decisions of individuals committing murder or suicide.

In this situation it is not possible not to ask ourselves how it is possible that when we were not and when we were not we did not lack hope, religion and love.

However, now that we are and when we have maybe not all the good things we need, but all the things we once lacked we are left without hope, without happiness and we do not know how to enjoy the good things achieved with the power of generations " , said Gjergji, saying that the answer given did not fill the gap that left hopelessness for ourselves and in our hearts.

"Some people think that it is politics that has stolen our future and left us without hope, others will continue to insist that it is the Government that fails to fulfill its responsibilities, then others will blame Europe for us. keeps isolated without visas and with a star on his forehead as the people of the footnote would say, then there are those who say that if there was once a war profiteer, today there is no lack of hope profiteers…. the inability to see new avenues of prosperity connect hope with the greedy, variegated or selfless spirit, serving us a return to the past like the neo-Ottoman one, which still evokes some nostalgia for communism or offers a neo-Yugoslavism as a path to follow. Of course, there are also those who want to alienate us through religious extremism."Less are those who, through extreme liberalism, promote the disintegration of the system of human, moral, family and religious values, suggesting us to remove the meaningless," said Gjergji.

He said that the latter propose not to know religion and not to say mother, father, Christmas.

"What is even sadder, they approve the termination of the life of unborn children and call this act right.

But let them call it right but for their shame and to insult maybe all of us, our parliament found it tonight to pass the Law on Abortion, however we do not lose hope and insist on being the ones who they believe and hope and they obey the religion, they love life ", said Gjergji.

Bishop Dodë Gjergji finally said that we must love our country, love our life and our future.

"All of us heartbroken to find the embodiment and increase hope, because we are people of this time, we are people of this country.

"Let us love our country, let us love our lives, let us love our future and let us not hesitate to sacrifice because only cowards escape from reality", he said, adding that the brave face their own reality, as well as the country of them.

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