EVN-Macedonia reacted after the protest of the inhabitants of the village of Gërçes in Saraj of Skopje.

From this company they say that during the attempts to improve the network in this village, the employees have encountered insults and threats to life, while another reason for the power outage, according to them, is the overload of the network with cryptocurrency digging.

"Electrodistribution has continuously for many years made large investments and tries to reconstruct the network in Gërçec, but the teams always encounter insults and threats to life, as well as threats to cause material damage by residents. Defects in this village occur as a result of network overload by the residents themselves who illegally use electricity for their needs as well as for digging bitcoins. After the appearance of the defects, the residents, even though they announce that they do not have electricity, still do not allow the Electricity Distribution teams to repair the defect. "Electrodistribution, even though it constantly invests in material and human resources in order to solve the problem in Gërçec, again the attempts fail because the residents do not allow work to be done in any way",it is stated in the announcement of EVN-Macedonia.

Otherwise, this afternoon, the residents of the village of Gërçec have blocked the Skopje-Tetovo highway in protest, because according to them, there has been no electricity in this village for a week now./TV21/