According to ByPol, obtained with the help of "Cyberpartisans", it became known that only in the last 5 years, individuals and legal entities "for free and voluntarily" donated to Lukashenko 31 vehicles for 6 million 181 thousand dollars.

Alexey Alexin.

According to ByPol, businessman

Alexei Aleksin is

close to Lukashenka in the first place among such


From him, Lukashenko received a whole garage of cars and motorcycles worth more than $ 2.5 million:

  • Two Maybachs 62S 2011 and 2012 ($ 810,000 each)

  • Retro car "VSS Vintage" 2018 ($ 340 thousand)

  • Range Rover 2019 ($ 140,000)

  • Rare Chevrolet Impala 1958 ($ 175 thousand)

  • "Dage Rum 1500" 2016 ($ 100 thousand)

  • "Audi Q7" 2009 ($ 52 thousand)

  • Two GAZ 69s, 1960 and 1967 ($ 30,000 and $ 26,000 respectively)

  • Double "Renault Twice" 2013 ($ 18 thousand)

  • Harley-Davidson Motorcycle 2017 ($ 60,000)

  • Motorcycle "Java 350" 1969 ($ 10 thousand)

  • Tricycle "Spider" 2015 ($ 21 thousand)

Alexander Lukashenko and ousted President of Kyrgyzstan Kurmanbek Bakiyev at a meeting at the Palace of Independence in Minsk.


Aizhan Kenenbayeva

took the second place in the list of generous benefactors


She is the wife of Maxim Bakiyev, the eldest son of fugitive former Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiyev.

After the coup in the homeland, the family received asylum in Belarus.

  • It is their token of gratitude for ignoring the requirements for extradition to the law enforcement agencies of Kyrgyzstan was a representative limousine "Mercedes Maybach C600 Pullman Guard" worth more than $ 1.5 million.

  • Also from the Bakiyevs through Aizhan Kenenbayev, Lukashenko's motorcycle fleet was replenished with a 2018 Harley-Davidson motorcycle for $ 26,000.

Belarusian businessman Nikolai Vorobey.




closes the top three in the list of bribe-takers

with an allegedly donated Ilan Mask (Uh no!) Electric car "Tesla Model C".

This is an electric car of 2017 for 110 thousand dollars.

In addition, thanks to him in the car fleet of Lukashenko appeared a rare "ZIS 110" in 1947 for 460 thousand dollars.

Yuri Chizh.

Yuri Chizh, a

businessman who was once overlooked,

fell out of favor, but his memory lives on in Drazdy - in rare cars "Rolls Royce Phantom" in 2008 for 500 thousand dollars and "Panther Callisto" in 1998 for 23 thousand dollars.


Sergei Teterin

, a participant in all the "sowing" and "harvesting" in Lukashenko's residence, thanked for the high confidence of the rare car "Rolls Royce Silver" in 1954 for 225 thousand dollars.

Trying to get into the circle of close and not too public figures.

For example,

Alexander Kruglenya

, General Director of


Lukashenka received an elite 2014 Rolls Royce from him for $ 205,000.

Researchers claim that even Svetlana Kanashenko, a personal doctor assigned to the residence, could afford an expensive gift as a car.

This is the 2010 Bentley Continental for $ 190,000.

She got the car from a Russian businessman

Vladimir Trapachkin

, but did not


in the personal garage.


Anatoly Belov

decided that Rolls-Royce is not too much and just gave Lukashenko a luxury version of the same name in 1954 for 100 thousand dollars.

He made his contribution to Lukashenka's car fleet and scandalous hockey official, subject to international sanctions, and now "senator"

Dmitry Baskov


On his behalf, there was a Soviet post-war car "GAZ 20" in 1949 for 50 thousand dollars.

Vasily Savin,

director of the BATE trading house, completes the top 10 bribe-takers


He was awarded a gift in the form of a tricycle "Gods Bomber" in 2013 for 20 thousand dollars.

The ByPol ​​initiative emphasizes that not all vehicles from Lukashenko's garage, as many copies were not there "voluntarily", in gratitude for assistance in resolving business issues, and were confiscated.

Public procurement of the Republic of Belarus, a plan to purchase cars for Lukashenko.