"Bitkub M" is the center of digital assets.

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4 Dec 2021 05:10





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The trend of digital assets or digital assets is the hottest right now.

is the trend of the future

The world of money is expected to change in history.

In the business world, see megatrends.

When the world changes, we must adjust first in order to seize the opportunity to lead the business to sustainable growth in the new economic era.

Recently, The Mall Group, one of the leaders in the retail business, is trying to adapt to

online business

E-commerce service opening

and various platforms

to support traditional retail business

to meet changing consumer behavior

But it doesn't seem to be enough.

Amid the surge of digital assets, both cryptocurrencies and digital tokens, it has decided to jump into this business.

By announcing a joint venture with Bitkub Capital Group Holdings (Bitkub), a leading digital asset business and crypto marketplace service provider.

Currency established Bitcub M Co., Ltd. proportion 50:50 to jointly invest and manage BitcubM.

Social to be the first digital community in Thailand

It is a digital asset trading and exchange center.

Use the Mall Group's network and partners to accept payments for goods and services through multiple digital assets.

both foreign and Thai, starting from December 1 onwards

Ms. Suphalak Ampush, Executive Chairman of The Mall Group Company Limited, said that the economic crisis that has occurred many times in the past

It reflected that the K-Shaped economic recovery was an unbalanced recovery.

There will be more gaps between the poor and the rich.

At the same time, the retail business model itself, the current growth is at a low level unlike in the past.

So let's discuss how to make the business grow and be the base for the country's economic growth.

The most obvious thing is that the technology business has a very high future.

Digital asset flow is the future of the world.

Therefore, there is an idea that the retail business

and tourism are connected to create an ecosystem (Digital Asset Ecosystem) to add value to expand wider

along with setting goals for Thailand as a center

Central digital assets in Asia

Mr. Jirayut Sap Srisopha, Group CEO, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bitkub, said that blockchain technology will play an important role in driving Thailand into the Thailand 5.0 era, which will transform the Physical Economy into a new economy. The virtual economy in the world has to be accepted that in the future it will play an important role and is many times larger than the traditional economy.

So can't stick to the old way anymore.

If you look at Bitkub's business, providing digital asset trading services, it has seen a very high growth rate of 1000% for 4 consecutive years. Currently, it has a market share of 95% with a daily trading volume of more than 25 billion baht through 3 million customer accounts. It is a group of 20-30 year olds. Now it has expanded its age range and has created the New Wealth, a group that gets rich by trading cryptocurrencies.

While in other countries, similar cases have occurred.

Create a new generation of millionaires more and more.

Mr. Jirayut also said that bringing the assets Connecting digital to retail and tourism will be one of the fastest ways to revive the tourism economy. don't need attract foreign tourists Come in large quantities as in the past because these groups are quality markets. have high purchasing power and heavy pay In addition, Bangkok is a target city that wants to move to live because in this era, anywhere can work and trade, but we need to set up infrastructure to support and be friendly to these investors. and Thailand itself will become the center of the region.

“Thailand is very unique compared to other countries. The province is livable by comparing the amount of sunlight. Or come to live a life worth the money that has to be paid. which these groups cannot open a bank account Therefore, holding existing and usable digital assets is a convenient solution. We have also partnered with airlines, car rental partners, hotels, hospitals and businesses. In order to create an ecosystem full of tourists coming in, it is similar to swapping SIMs at the airport but in exchange for digital assets. to be used to pay for goods and services in Thailand. Ultimately, the ecosystem will spread to other businesses.”

for digital

The first community to establish BITKUB M Social, Helix Quartier, consists of a learning center, training, seminars, conference rooms, NFT galleries, shops, cafés and bars, along with state-of-the-art technology. The problem for investors and people interested in digital assets.

to be a source of learning to meet

exchanging information and knowledge for the new generation

Including opening a new shopping experience, bringing digital assets to pay for goods and services at The Mall Group

Along with full promotions during the festive season of happiness at the end of this year.

Wanich Young