The anti-drug units of the Kosovo Police in different regions of the country have handcuffed several suspects and during the police operations were confiscated about 16 kilograms of drugs and other relevant evidence.

As reported, the regional anti-drug unit in Prishtina, in the continuation of the investigation of the case codenamed "Bardhoshi" today on 01.12.2021, in coordination with the Prosecution of Serious Crimes in Prishtina have conducted a police operation where initially around 14: 50 on the highway Prishtina-Gjilan, exactly in the village Bresalc after the request of the anti-drug unit, a regional traffic unit of Gjilan stopped the car type Audi A6, with local license plates which was driven by the suspect with initials (AK ), however, after police officers asked him to open the trunk of the car, he quickly left the place of detention to avoid arrest.

Following the investigative and operational work of the anti-drug officers, the same person was arrested in the Municipality of Gracanica, as he was implicated in the criminal offense sanctioned by Article 267 of the RKS Criminal Code, together with the suspect. second, with initials (FM) now more arrested at the scene in the village of Bresalc, Gjilan Municipality.

The two above-mentioned persons, according to the police, are suspected of transporting the narcotic substance, which is suspected to be of the Marijuana type.

After the measurements, the narcotic substance turns out to weigh 15324.4 grams (fifteen thousand three hundred and twenty-four, four grams) or 15,324.4 kg.

By order of the competent authority, a search was conducted in the apartment of one of the suspects.

The following relevant evidence was confiscated during the police operation by the Gjilan / Gnjilane regional forensic unit.

D # 1.

15324.4 grams (15 kg and 324.4gr.) Suspected narcotic substance of marijuana type.

D # 2.

Audi A6 car, with local license plates

D # 3.

VW-Jetta car, with local license plates

D # 4.

1 Mobile phone

D # 6.

170 Euro

The suspects were taken into custody for 48 hours after the interview by order of the Custodian Prosecutor and the case continues to be further investigated.

"Anti-drug police operations were also conducted in Prizren, Peja, while in Gjilan, after several days of investigation in coordination with the judiciary during a raid and search of a house, thirty-three (33) cryptocurrency devices were found ( electronic equipment) and on the occasion the Kosovo Customs was taken ", it is said in the announcement, Telegrafi reports.