Cryptocurrency Prices in India : Decline in the prices of Bitcoin, Shiba Inu.

Cryptocurrency Prices in India:

The day of Thursday appeared in the red mark in the cryptocurrency market. The price of the meme coin Shiba Inu, which was in limelight last month, has seen a big drop today. This morning, during the Asian markets, there was a fall of 11 percent in the SHIB token. Around 2 pm, this coin was registering a decline of up to 4.7 percent and its price was at $ 0.00005171. The price of Shiba Inu may be running in negligible right now, but this coin is not far behind the big coins in popularity.

Just on Wednesday, a report has revealed that this coin has overtaken Bitcoin, Ether and Dodgecoin in terms of popularity on Twitter last month.

Research company ICO Analytics claimed in a report that in October, Shiba Inu was the most popular on Twitter.

This was followed by Ether, Bitcoin, and then Dogecoin.

While the share of SHIB's popularity was 22 percent on the Twitter popularity index, Bitcoin's was just 8.1 percent in comparison.

According to a graph shared by ICO Analytics, Safemoon, Solana, Cardano, and Binance tokens were also among the most talked about crypto coins, but none even came close to the popularity share of SHIB.

The price chart of SHIB Token on Coingecko around 2 pm was like this-

If we talk about other cryptocurrencies, then till 3 pm today Chainlink was registering a jump of 7.65 percent and its price was being recorded above Rs 2,978.

Bitcoin also reached its new record high of $69,000 on Wednesday, but today it also declined.

Ether showed strength today.

Its price in India is running above 3.81 lakhs.

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