When you invest in Bitcoin, you can also spend your coins on shopping.

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In today's date cryptocurrencies have become a popular medium of investment, new but popular. Bitcoin has the highest popularity, millions of people around the world are investing in this cryptocurrency. The good thing is that you can also buy products or services with Bitcoin and some other Altcoins. Now if it comes to India, people traditionally prefer to invest in gold. Sleeping in times of trouble! But in the recent past, the term 'digital gold' is being given to cryptocurrencies. The attraction of bitcoin, especially among the youth, has increased significantly, their preference for investing in crypto over gold is also understandable. However, despite the tremendous and anticipated boom in the cryptocurrency market, it has time to get deep into the masses, but it has just begun. Now come to the issue.Can You Buy With Bitcoin This Festive Season?

The acceptance of crypto has increased in India too and many companies have started taking payments in crypto.

Now you can buy products and services with crypto coins.

There are many other altcoins, including bitcoin and ethereum, that you can spend directly, without needing to exchange them for rupees.

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So let's take a look at such companies where you can spend your bitcoin holdings for this festive season.

Sooryavanshi Restaurants:

 Festivals in India mean great food, dishes, dishes.

If you live in Bangalore or are traveling to the city, then you can go to this restaurant to have a meal, where you can pay your bill in cryptocurrency.

Here you will not have to worry about card payment or cash. 


Unocoin is a platform where you can buy gift vouchers on various brands this festive season.

Here you can give gifts to your relatives by buying gift vouchers in bitcoin, for this you just have to register yourself on Unocoin platform.


: On Dussehra, Diwali, it is a trend in us that we buy new items, especially electronics.

If you are also going to buy electronics, cameras or mobile phones etc. on these festivals, then take a look at the HighKart option.

The platform accepts payments in bitcoins on purchases made on its site.


 Purse is also an online store where you can pay in bitcoin.

This platform can also convert your bitcoins into gift cards.

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