The Kosovo College of Surgeons is calling on the Ministry of Health to invest more in surgical services.

According to them, many medications are being taken abroad and thus the citizens and the state budget are being harmed.

On the third day of the First Clinical Congress, the co-chair of the congress, Osman Zhuri says that this college was formed two years ago and is the only one in Eastern Europe.

"This is an experience that is coming to us from the United States of America, thanks to Professor Rifat Latifi.

In our activities we started in this big congress, where we have over 800 registered.

Despite the pandemic situation.

"The congress is held in a hybrid form, which is held both virtually and with physical participation", he says.

Further, he emphasizes for KosovaPress that the purpose of this congress is to increase the quality of surgical service.

"The goal is simply to increase the quality of surgical service in Kosovo.

"Our goal is to achieve and keep pace with contemporary trends in surgical services," he added.

Zhuri calls on the Ministry of Health to invest more in this area.

"We are still facing problems and we call on the MoH not to forget to invest in this area.

The reason is that many medications are done abroad.

In addition to human character, human also has economic character.

With the increase of the quality of the surgical service, the treatment abroad will be stopped and it will have an impact on the family budget but also on the budget of the Ministry of Health, respectively the budget of the government ", emphasizes Zhuri.

The First Clinical Congress is being organized by the Kosovo College of Surgeons and the Kosovo Chamber of Physicians.

Panels with international, local and regional surgeons are being held during the day.