Cryptocurrency Price: Apart from bitcoin, many coins can see a jump.

The boom in the prices of the popular cryptocurrency bitcoin has created a huge wave in the crypto world.

Bitcoin touched the $ 50,000 mark just a few days ago and since then it has been running above its psychological level.

Bitcoin is the oldest and popular cryptocurrency in the world of crypto, after such a jump in its price, now crypto analysts are wondering whether it will be able to maintain its value or not?

On the other hand, there is a possibility of a jump in the prices of Altcoins i.e. the alternative cryptocurrency of Bitcoin.

There is tremendous performance in their prices on the chart. 

There has been a lot of enthusiasm among investors about Altcoins and NFTs i.e. non-fungible tokens in the last July and August.

Meanwhile, after bitcoin, there are some other coins, whose prices are showing a jump in the coming few days.

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Here are some coins that have the potential to rise in price


Ethereum (ETH):

 The coin that is most talked about after bitcoin is the ether coin of the Ethereum blockchain network. On Monday, September 13, 2021, at 09.09 am, the value of Ether was being recorded at Rs 2,62,156. There was a decline of 0.61% or Rs 1,598 in this. But if we look at its growth, in the last seven days its low has been 2,25,226 and high is 2,91,877. At the same time, in the last 90 days, this coin has seen a low of 1,25,594, while it has also touched the highest level of 2,95,852. Ether, the second largest coin in terms of market cap, has gained 12.34 percent in the last week, due to which it is believed that it can see a big jump soon.

Cardano (ADA): The


ADA of Cardano

is also much talked about and it has shown a steady uptrend over the past few weeks. This coin ranks at number three with a market cap of $84 million. In May this year, its prices had seen a jump due to a move by Tesla. Actually, the company had stopped taking payments in bitcoin in view of the problem of electricity in bitcoin mining. In such a situation, ADA has emerged as a more sustainable option in terms of protecting the environment. Some updates are coming about smart contracts in this blockchain, so that it can attract more investors, in which case its price may see a jump.

Avalanche (AVAX):

 Along with Cardano and Dogecoin, this altcoin has also caught the attention of investors this year.

It was launched in September, 2020 and since then this coin has given a strong return of 2,440 per cent to the investors.

Its value had tripled in August 2021.

On Monday morning at 9.35, the price of this coin was running in the range of $ 52-53.

The maximum supply of this coin in the market is 720 million, out of which 220.29 million coins are already circulating in the market. 

Chainlink (LINK):

 Chainlink is running around 12-14th ranking in the ranking list, but its popularity has increased among investors and social media.

Its price has jumped by about 23 percent in the last week.

Its price is currently running around $ 27-32.

Coin Quora and some other sites have expressed the possibility that this coin can touch the $ 50,000 mark in the next one year.

Dogecoin (DOGE):

The popularity of Dogecoin, which started like a meme, is more than some coins whose value is more than this. Businessmen like Tesla CEO Elon Musk have a hand in making it popular. It has come up a lot in the last few months. Now it is also being seen as an investment option. This cryptocurrency has given a return of 8,000 percent in 2021.