Kateryna Lazariko "Josephine Horishok", publishing house "Black Sheep"

Most of all, Josephine likes to drink delicious nut tea, eat sweet-sweet nuts with condensed milk and unravel complicated cases. After all, she is not just a squirrel, but a detective squirrel!

Whenever there is trouble somewhere, she says: "This is a matter for Josephine Horishok." He puts on a detective hat, dark glasses, grabs a bag with binoculars and a magnifying glass and gets to work. Once she saved the birthday cake of the girl Maya, which was eaten by upset insects because no one wished them a happy birthday. But thanks to Josephine, everyone had a holiday. Maya was treated to a cake, and the insects were treated to sweet-sweet nuts with condensed milk. So ended a sticky and tasty business.

Another time, Josephine helped the cow Juliet, who had accidentally smeared herself with paint and became a horned pink monster with yellow spots, to return home. It was a colorful affair. No matter how it is - sticky, sweet, wet, smelly or confusing, a smart squirrel will help everyone and manage everything.

This book will teach your children to care for others, to grow up to be curious, fair and imaginative. Funny bright illustrations and exciting adventures of the squirrel will definitely inspire them to create their own story with the participation of Josephine. What will be her next business: loud, crunchy or maybe colorless?

Thibaut Pruhn "The fox and his new friends", Vivat publishing house

The fox, which has no name, left a bib at the edge of the forest. The small grain was a bait for a big fat rabbit, which the Fox intended to catch and... eat. But Georges found the target. And while one of them dreamed of a meat dinner during the chase, and the other of a vegetable one, both of them unexpectedly found themselves at the bottom of a huge abyss. Good thing they had a bib! Because when he grows up, Georges will get out of the abyss and give the Fox a rope. "Is this possible?" - you will think. Indeed, if the boys become friends. And friends who know something special and significant about you are not at all appetizing.

In the next story, the Fox tried to lure some tasty fattened chickens to his den. So to speak, stock up for the winter. But this time too, "failure" awaited him. The chickens turned out to be excellent interlocutors, who came to visit him with gifts - fresh vegetables straight from the garden. Because what else to present to Lysov, who pretends to be a vegetarian?

This brightly illustrated book will teach your children to negotiate, listen to others and make friends. And to face your fears, as Lys did. You know, he is also afraid of something, like all of us.

Yuya Wislander "How Mama Mu first met the Raven", "Bohdan" publishing house

Mu's mother noticed a bush with an appetizing green leaf, which she immediately decided to eat. On the grass under a tree, she saw a sad, presumptuous Raven. He was sad because tomorrow is his birthday. "Is that why they are sad?" - asked Mother Mu.

The cow did not know that no one would congratulate the bird on such an important holiday, would not prepare a festive cake for him, as for the girl Maya, would not sing a congratulatory song. The next day she came to wish Raven a happy birthday. And even wanted to join the banquet. But the upset Raven chased her away, because, you see, he has his raven friends (of course, he doesn't).

But Mother Mu was not lost. She took the swing and the blueberry cake and went back to her new friend, who was sad and a little angry just because he didn't have any real friends.

This book will teach your children to be themselves so that this does not happen, and to be good friends, because friendship is the most valuable gift.