Empires have been built on aggression, conquest, domination and lies. From ancient Rome to today, wars, possessions, breaking of alliances and relationships, assassinations and humiliations have been justified with fallacies and plots.

In Washington there are experts in these arts of lying and aggression. Some even become presidents. Others are trying to leave their mark from a congressional seat in the Capitol.

Cuba is well aware of the preferred methods of the imperial political class. Based on lies and plots, the United States intervened in Cuba in 1898, imposed the Platt Amendment and its Naval Base in Guantánamo territory, promoted coups d'état, armed the bloody Batista dictatorship and confronted from the first day the Revolution led by by Fidel Castro.

Under that influence, a well-oiled and better-financed anti-Cuban political machine was born. One of the best offspring of that apparatus of aggression is the current US senator Marco Rubio. One of the most sordid and damaging plots invented against Cuba is due to his alliance with Mike Pompeo, former head of the CIA and the State Department.

The famous incident of the “sonic attacks” against US officials in Havana was the Pandora's box that uncovered the toughest sanctions imposed in the name of the blockade of Cuba by the Trump administration. There were 243, and the vast majority remain in force during the Biden government and doing enormous harm to the Cuban people.

To get there it was necessary to shake an American public opinion that had mostly seen favorably the change in policy towards Cuba - from naked aggression to seduction - applied by Barack Obama in his second term.

Thus, according to the Spanish newspaper El País, the farce of “sonic attacks” was concocted by Senator Rubio and Mike Pompeo, then (2017) at the head of the Central Intelligence Agency. Not by chance, most of those allegedly affected in Havana were CIA officers and their families.

From the first minute, the authorities, the Ministry of the Interior and the Cuban scientific community demonstrated the practical and technological impossibility of such acoustic attacks. But the lie found a place in the American media and political spaces and was even baptized in a congressional law and named by the State Department as “Havana Syndrome” the list of similar incidents that were reported by officials of the empire in European capitals and China.

These days, an almost five-year study by the National Institutes of Health of the United States has confirmed what Mitchell Valdés, general director of the Center for Neurological Research, and other prominent Cuban scientists had said for some time: there is no evidence of these crazy “evil” attacks orchestrated in Havana and for which Cuba should be punished more viciously.

A series of advanced tests conducted by the United States scientific institution revealed no trauma or brain deterioration in diplomats or other American public employees who suffered the mysterious health problems.

Sophisticated MRI scans detected no appreciable differences in brain volume or structure or the presence of white matter—indications of trauma or deterioration—between the brains of patients who suffered so-called strokes and those of healthy public employees in similar jobs. , even some who worked in the same embassy. There were also no discrepancies in cognitive and other tests, according to the study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

While that does not rule out some temporary injury suffered when symptoms began, the researchers said they were unable to detect long-term indicators of trauma or heart attack.

“This should give patients some comfort,” one of the study's co-authors, Louis French, a neuropsychologist at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, told the AP. “This allows us to focus on the here and now, on helping people get back to where they need to be.”

The U.S. National Institutes of Health study offers no explanation for the symptoms — such as headaches, loss of balance or difficulties thinking or sleeping — that were initially reported in Cuba in 2016 and then by hundreds of U.S. public employees. in various countries. But it does contradict previous reports alleging brain injuries in people who experienced what the State Department now calls “anomalous health incidents.”

The lie cannot be sustained for a lifetime, but it can, terribly, be sustained for the time necessary to punish a people beyond any limit. Marco Rubio, Mike Pompeo and all the media, scientists and officials who concocted and sustained the plot against Cuba have on their shoulders the enormous weight of trying to annihilate an entire people with their lies.

The current US administration has, in turn, the historical responsibility of giving credence to the lies and multiplying the hatred of its predecessors, by maintaining intact the tightened blockade against Cuba and multiplying the "regime change" operations to which millions are allocated. of the US budget.

(Originally published in Al Mayadeen)