Everyone is surprised to see the laurel tree found in Andhra.

Terminalia Tomentosa Tree In Andhra Pradesh:

Till date it was only heard that trees give us oxygen, shade from the sun, give us fruits to eat, but there is a tree which also gives us water (Water Tree). Very few people know about this tree. These days, the video of this water tree (Water Tree Viral Video) is going viral on social media, which is surprising to see. The name of this rare tree is 'Terminalia Tomentosa', which is very amazing. This tree is also called Crocodile Bark Tree.

Unique tree which gives water (Tree With Water Storage)

This tree named Indian Lawrence, found in the forests of Andhra Pradesh, collects a large amount of water. The surprising thing is that as soon as its bark is cut, water starts coming out. People of Buddhist community also call this tree Bodhi tree. The specialty of this tree is that during winter, this tree stores water in its trunk, so that it can be used during summer when there is shortage of water. In the video going viral, it can be seen how, when forest officials cut the bark of a tree named Indian Lawrence in Papikonda National Park in ASR district of Andhra Pradesh, a fountain of water gushed out from it. This incident is from Papikonda National Park.

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During parched summers the Indian Laurel tree Terminalia tomentosa stores water. The water has strong smell and tastes sour.

Amazing Adaptation in Indian Forests.

Knowledge courtesy: Konda Reddy Tribes of AP. pic.twitter.com/szLY75UTjK

— IFS Narentheran (@NarentheranGG) March 30, 2024

These trees are found in the forests of Andhra Pradesh (Terminalia Tomentosa Tree In India)

The indigenous knowledge of the Konda Reddy tribe, a tribal group living in the Papikonda hill range in the Godavari region, is shocking in this matter. The people of the tribe told the forest department that for centuries, they have been getting drinking water from the laurel tree during the water crisis during summers. Watching the video, you will also be forced to think, how is water coming out of this tree. It is being told that the water coming out of these 30 meter high trees is absolutely clean and fit for drinking. Just a little bit sour taste. This video has been shared by IFS Narendran (@NarentheranGG) on X. Along with this, important information related to the tree has also been shared.

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