Natalia Kobilkina has received 5 marriage proposals after divorcing her second husband Takis Dretakis last year.

However, she did not accept any because she needed more time for herself.

"The last year is probably one of the most different because I have time for myself. I'm learning to live. Now I'm in a period of self-study, I don't want to follow anyone, I want to find out what I want to do. I can be lazy , that was a forbidden word for me," she shared.

The Russian woman fills her time reading novels at night instead of practicing her skills. She received the last marriage proposal only a few days ago.

Kobilkina was literally bombarded with proposals throughout her life. Her first husband, who is Bulgarian and who declared that she is a terrible tree in bed, asked her to be his wife after the first night together. The same thing happened to a Greek woman, assures the well-to-do Russian woman.

Natalya Kobilkina divorced

Now the most insistent among her suitors is a rich bachelor who was just waiting for Kobilkina to divorce in order to have her for himself. Being a successful businessman, he could not imagine that his wife would be working and traveling the world doing sex seminars. He wanted her all to himself and insisted that she hang around the stove instead of interacting with his female admirers. That's why things didn't work out between the two of them, heard.

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