This expensive brand watch will remove 'oil'

The luxury watch brand 'Jacob & Company', famous for stylish, unique and expensive designer watches, has blown people away.

This company has recently launched a very expensive platinum wrist watch.

For the price of this one 'Oil Pump' wrist watch, at least two flats can be bought even in an expensive city like Delhi.

This special product has gone viral on social media as soon as it was launched in the market.

Along with this, people have made many funny memes and comments regarding this.

Come, let us know about this trending wrist watch.

Jacob & Company brand has shared the video of its luxury watch product on Instagram with the handle ''.

The handle captioned the video, “The @JacobandCo Oil Pump Rose White Gold Watch is a mini recreation of an oil rig on your wrist.

This extraordinary timepiece features an active oil pump.

It has two derricks, an 'oil' reservoir and several pipelines.

It comes with a sleek black alligator strap and 18 karat rose gold folding clasp.

Its price is 380,000 US dollars.”

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The company explained the features of the wrist watch and its functions

. According to the product details of the company, this wrist watch is a unique example of engineering and aesthetics. Both the mini derricks fitted in the fully active oil pump get activated at the press of a button.

The dial of the watch clearly shows the oil coming out of the oil reservoir and passing through the complex pipeline.

The wrist watch has a case of 18 carat white gold.

The watch has a crystal dial similar to the grill.

It also has a rose gold folding clasp and a black crocodile leather belt.

The extremely high price and special features

of this luxury wrist watch have created a stir on social media.

Jacob & Company has quoted its price as $380,000.

This is approximately Rs 3.15 crore in Indian rupees.

Users have greatly liked the video of Share Watch on Instagram.

Great comments have been made there.

'Where can I see the time in this?'

A user, in excitement after seeing the Oil Rig Watch, asked Jacob & Company in the comment, 'Where can I see the time in it?'

Another user wrote, 'The perfect watch for the work of Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.'

The third user commented, 'What is the need for an oil rig for those who want a wrist watch?'

The fourth user wrote to the company, 'Can the next variant of your watch have a gas station?'

The fifth user wrote, 'I want a watch on my wrist, not an oil rig.'