The energetic background throughout the week helps to solve difficult tasks.

Success largely depends on the ability to work with the latest achievements in one's field of activity.

Group work is the most productive.

It is desirable to establish contacts with extraordinary people, get to know each other in social networks.

Conservatives and pedants can get lost in the variety of new and unusual information, so it is necessary to enlist the support of a partner who thinks big.

Thursday and Friday are full of unexpected events and unforeseen circumstances, they can also be accidents, injuries or nervous breakdowns.

The thirst for activity is combined with romanticism and adventurism, noisy scandals involving high-ranking people are also possible.

These days, cardiovascular diseases are getting worse, the risk of autonomic nervous system disorders, convulsive neuroses is increasing.

On March 10, the new moon in Ryby at 11:00 Kyiv time.

And Mercury is in the sign of Aries from 06:43.

From this day on, the astrological weather is favorable for the implementation of progressive ideas - they will soon bring income.

Before the eclipse corridor that begins on March 25, you need to do as many important things as possible, because the atmosphere will be quite tense at the end of the month.

You can find more about astrology on the

YouTube channel of astrologer Marina Skadi (Marina Sokolova)



Do not forget about safety measures always and in everything - from cooking in the kitchen to sports training and long trips.

Unhealthy optimism and willingness to take risks can lead to big problems.

This week, it is good to concentrate on goals, promotion of a previously launched project, and training.

It is a suitable time for making important and responsible decisions, completing work and submitting reports, as well as planning affairs for the next lunar month.


Your intuition and insight are heightened.

Weekdays this week will be productive.

It is good to plan an investigation, look for the necessary information, immerse yourself in the study of important topics.

If you are faced with delays, obstacles, or the departure of something from your life, then take it as a sign from above.

By the end of the week, you may feel disappointed in your expectations, it is difficult to get things done.

Do not believe in attractive offers and promises.


Planetary energies ignite your desire to socialize, go on dates, and have fun.

At the same time, if there are secrets, do not be open with other people.

Maintain your boundaries and respect other people's boundaries.

Keep your data safe.

During the weekend, misunderstandings and misunderstandings are possible, anxiety and worry will be increased.

It is also necessary to carefully monitor health if there are chronic diseases.


You find yourself in a whirlwind of events, in many ways you set the tone for what happens, and all of this will have lasting consequences.

The energies of the planets provide an impetus for development, sometimes through the destruction of the old.

If you want to achieve something, act not with pressure, but with feminine, that is, softness, cunning.

Also, a week is suitable for care, visiting the pool, practicing yoga.

Weekends are ideal for creative activities and spiritual practices.


The week is full of various emotions, the cause of which is the actions and deeds of the environment.

It can be said about this period - "there was no happiness, but misfortune helped."

The usual order is changing, there are changes at work.

Circumstances bring you with the right people, communication with whom will help you clearly understand the situations in which you found yourself not by your own will.

It is very good if you bring something new into your life, add creativity to gray weekdays.


A productive week, important for the future.

You will want to learn something new, conquer horizons.

However, you may encounter obstacles or uncertainty.

From the minuses: there may be a desire to abandon the responsibilities that have fallen on your shoulders with a heavy burden.

Remember the regime of work and rest.

Consider whether there is a bend in one direction or another.

Things will be difficult to control by the end of the week, so don't put off until later what you can do at the beginning of the week.


The week is disturbing and restless, it contains surprises and disruptions of plans.

Try to transform this energy into creative activity.

Pay attention to dreams, signs and symbols.

Flexibility and adaptability can be the key to success in today's environment.

Do not burden yourself with additional tasks - do your own to the best of your ability, otherwise you risk running out of energy.

Don't chase after two hares and try to do everything in time!


It will be difficult to get up in the morning, you will want to avoid things or transfer your responsibilities to others.

But the stars recommend not to lead lazy people, otherwise you risk missing opportunities.

This week is favorable for things that you have wanted to finish for a long time, but everything did not work out.

In the first decade of March, you can make a lot of time and correctly complete long-term projects.

It is a good time to strengthen your social status and gain a good reputation.


The circumstances of the week make it possible to agree and settle several issues at once.

This is the period of fulfillment of desires and grandiose deeds.

You are accompanied by success in love and financial affairs.

Do not miss the chance to establish a relationship, talk about your feelings!

Your actions will be more responsible and aimed at a specific result.

The weekend is ideal for relaxation.

Be prepared for the fact that someone may have plans for you.


During the whole week, there will not be a minute to rest.

Everyone needs something from you, they tell you only about duties, forgetting that you also have rights.

You can come under pressure from other people.

If you hear painful criticism directed at you, remember that it is envy and anger.

If they try to devalue you, don't pay attention.

Continue what you are doing.

Take the initiative in your own hands so as not to miss the opportunity to create a base for the next lunar cycle.


The same time when a happy occasion is somewhere nearby.

Weekdays this week will bring optimism and a good coincidence of circumstances.

From the cons: you tend to act on emotions, not relying on logic.

Do not turn off rationality - this is the key to a successful week.

This week's mistakes and shortcomings can be revealed over the weekend.

Therefore, there is a high probability that you will spend Saturday and Sunday at work or at home at the computer, dealing with professional matters.


The week is ambiguous, contains tense and harmonious moments, can bring unexpected events.

Try not to say too much and refrain from gossip.

It is impossible to plan, so act depending on the situation.

You have enough strength and energy.

Also, planetary interactions set you up for a romantic atmosphere, help ignite passion in relationships.

If you are a creative person, set aside time and create!