Vanya Shtereva shared that she does not lack male attention.

When asked if she is in love and if she has someone by her side, the actress and singer stated that there is no love in her life at the moment.

"The problem is that I can't fall in love and I can't like someone," she says on her "REVERSE" podcast.

On the other hand, great songs have always been made from this situation, adds the blonde.

Otherwise, there are suitors and suitors around Shtereva Bol, says Mila Robert's mother.

Shtereva does not hide that various men constantly write to her on social networks, but she adds that no one could impress her with "hello", "what are you doing".

According to her, she never responds to messages with this type of content.

"If the dialogue starts in a sympathetic way, I will immediately answer him, but if he asks me "how are you", "what are you doing", it will not do," Vanya is categorical.

And she adds: "I'm smart, you can't impress me by asking 'what neighborhood are you from,'" she says, adding that it's full of men with similar questions.

Vanya Shtereva is also known for her provocative photos, which she often publishes on social networks.

Fans of the actress regularly witness her naked charms, with which she often delights the male part of her audience, wrote.

Vanya Shtereva is looking for men

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