Cockroach found in patient's lungs!

In a scary incident, doctors in Kerala removed a cockroach from a man's lungs.

According to reports, the man complained of severe difficulty in breathing and sought treatment at Amrita Hospital in Kochi.

Upon investigation, doctors reportedly found that the 55-year-old man's breathing problems were caused by cockroaches.

According to Asianet Newsable report, a team of doctors led by Dr Tinku Joseph, head of Interventional Pulmonology at the hospital, removed the cockroaches.

According to doctors, earlier a tube was inserted in the patient's neck and the worm could enter the lungs through the tube.

However, the doctors did not tell where this procedure involving the tube was done.

Cockroach was stuck in lungs

Dr. Joseph told the outlet that people come to him with different types of respiratory problems.

However, it is very rare for someone to have breathing problems due to a cockroach getting stuck in their lungs.

He also shared that such incidents can happen due to negligence.

Earlier, a story had gone viral regarding the reason for frequent bleeding from the nose of a person.

The man in Florida went to a doctor after experiencing a nose bleed and feeling extremely ill.

The reason behind his problem turned out to be live insects living inside his nose.

Doctors found not just one or two but more than 150 live insects in his nose.