Roza Turarbekova

, a former lecturer at the Department of International Relations of BSU, candidate of historical sciences, political scientist, wrote about this

in the note "Special commission at BSU.

About repression, ideology and securitization".

"When the state of "emergency" turns into a normal state.

When repression is institutionalized.

This happens when the usual university recruitment procedures no longer satisfy the KGB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other security forces that actually exercise control over civilian spheres.

As I found out, a special commission was established at each faculty, which decides whether to sign a contract with you or not.

If previously the issue of employment was decided through a conditional competition, the discussion of the results of the work at the meeting of the department, then the learned Council of the faculty and the university.

Now a special commission has been created, which includes the dean, deputy dean for ideological and educational work, etc.

The procedure is unclear, but one thing is clear - it is the institutionalization of repression.

This commission was created to check for loyalty to the government.

In addition, this personification of "circular bail", denunciations and other abominations.

After BSU received a paper from the Investigative Committee that the University is responsible for those 155 people who donated money and that BSU will pay a fine and the management should be held responsible, it is logical to assume that an answer will appear.

Here is the answer, although it is possible that the special commission appeared earlier.

Not only that, BSU is under the control and the personnel policy is in the hands of the Rector for Security (a KGB officer).

There are not enough supervisors at each faculty.

Not only that, the heads of the department are now deprived of any opportunity to hire specialists.

Now they created a special commission.

What does it remind me of?

Stalin's "threes"?

Or local party cells?


This is a special commission that never existed before.

This is an invention of Lukashenka's regime.

Now every dean and all members of the commission will be responsible for "extremists".

Roza Turarbekova previously called the "quantitative and qualitative reduction of highly professional, highly qualified personnel", primarily those with a scientific degree, the result of repression at the university.

According to the ex-teacher of BSU, it takes at least 10 years to "raise one candidate of sciences", "in very rare cases - 7-8".

Now, Belarusian scientists are fired from their jobs, despite their merits in science and prospects.

According to Turarbekova, by the fall of 2023, about 100 associate professors and professors will be dismissed from BSU alone.