: The leadership of the Board of Owners of Private Health Centers in the country (APHFTA) and the Zanzibar Private Hospital Owners Association (ZAPHOA), have said that they have reached a decision to return to the negotiating table with the government, in parallel with restoring the suspended health services to NHIF members, while the negotiations are ongoing.

The APHFTA statement issued today, Saturday March 02, 2024 which was signed by its Chairman Dr. Egina Makwabe explained that the decision was reached after the government showed its readiness to return to the negotiating table through ongoing communication between the two parties.

They have said that the difficult decision they took is an example of their good intention and determination to find a permanent solution that will relieve the citizens of the hassle of getting health services at their facilities, along with reducing the costs of providing services and operations to the owners.

APHFTA has emphasized that its goal is to provide quality health services in an environment that takes into account the market conditions and the reality of the operating costs of the owners of health centers and hospitals

APHFTA has said that it has no intention to hurt the needy citizens who are members of NHIF.