This is the time when you can study and learn - both in the first and second cases, they will be absorbed instantly and will remain in memory forever.

You will be able to find an answer to any question, or the stars will tell you exactly which sources - libraries and archives or your own brain - you need to turn to in order to get it.

A day off is ideal for all of the above, so you need to spend it with benefit.


Household issues that you have put off for a long time insist on solving them, so it is advisable to deal with them right now - on a day off, it is especially important to put your house in order.


Today, attention and memory will allow you to absorb a large array of new information - this time is especially favorable for schoolchildren, students or those who need to pass certification at work.


It is better to give preference to physical work over mental work, which is hindered by difficulties with concentration - you can put things in order not only in the house, but also in the countryside, where a lot of work has accumulated after the winter.


Your inherent modesty often prevents you from achieving important goals - both professional and personal: it is precisely in the latter that today you need to show perseverance in order not to surrender your existing positions.


You should not refuse help to a person who asks you for help this day: such a service will most likely not cost you anything, and it can literally save her.


The important facts that will become known to you today will be a serious help in a professional sense: tomorrow they will help you bypass competitors who have been aiming for your place for a long time.


Be careful when communicating with a person you don't know very well: the information they present to you as true will need to be carefully checked - especially if it affects someone close to them.


Representatives of your sign are not greedy, but today you may have an attack of stinginess - do not let it affect your behavior: be generous to people and they will - later - thank you.


Do not use someone else's frankness for a selfish purpose: a person who, in a moment of weakness, shares his emotional experiences with you should not regret it - it will be ignoble on your part.


When doing physical work - both at home and in the country - protect your back: if you "break" it, you will be out of order for a while, losing the opportunity to do what you love most - work.


It is not the best time to make important decisions, no matter what area of ​​your life they concern: the emotions that will rise in your soul will do you a disservice - wait for a cool-headed state.


If you have long thought about passing on your knowledge – and skills – to others, there is no better time to think of it: why not start a blog where you can share your valuable professional experience.