It is good when there are many of them, and it is very bad when there are few, and here there is no day to day.

Who is waiting for financial success this week - from March 4 to 10?


The stars warn about the dangers of risk in all areas of life, but especially in financial ones: there is too much chance of losing much more than winning, and it will be very unfortunate.


The time to talk with the superiors about a new position or a salary increase has not yet come: this week it is unlikely to appreciate the fair evidence of the representatives of the sign and go to meet them.


The most important thing in the workplace is to avoid conflicts with colleagues, which, unfortunately, can flare up for any reason: they will predictably distract from work, and this will affect the salary accordingly.


To orient the representatives of the sign in the financial situation in which they found themselves will help ... dreams: the advice that the subconscious will give them will help them achieve success in professional affairs and, as a result, make a good amount of money.


It is better to refrain from signing serious contracts and concluding important agreements in the first half of the week: it will be a shame if a minor mistake, in particular a typographical one, leads to undesirable consequences.


It is important to be careful with finances, besides, this applies not only to shopping, when you can buy something expensive, but completely unnecessary, but also to monthly payments, including utility bills.


You can make money work for you - for example, make investments or - of course, if there is such an opportunity - buy real estate intended for further rental.


You can take bank loans to solve financial issues or purchase the necessary movable or immovable property: you will be able to return the loan easily and, moreover, ahead of schedule.


The best thing you can do at work at this time is to faithfully fulfill your duties, without standing out from the general mass of colleagues and without showing initiative, she will be punished, in particular, financially.


Success - both professional and financial - awaits those who dare to implement a new, serious project: representatives of the sign will be able to achieve their goal and at the same time make good money.


You should not expect active help from business partners - most likely, it will not work: in any matters of financial quality at this time, you need to rely only on yourself.


It is undesirable to deal with money - you should not even take bills in your hands: you can pay for the necessary purchases with a bank card or buy everything you need via the Internet.