Crisco and his partner Tsveti showed what they do in the Maldives.

The star family treated each other to a February vacation to the exotic destination, with each boasting to their followers on social media about curious moments from their vacation.

Hitmaker Crisco bet on extreme and fun palm tree climbing by releasing a series of photos and a short clip.

"Instagram vs. reality," he wrote, demonstrating the effort it took to climb the tree.

It turns out that a strong friendly back and a chair are the necessary attributes to reach the goal, and then someone to pull the chair for you so that you hang helplessly on the palm tree.

Crisco Flowers blew up the web with ultra-sexy beach photos

His gentle half Tsveti, on the other hand, embarked on far more pleasant pursuits.

She did a photo shoot from the bathtub and in heels to show off her luxury slippers for a famous brand.

A check showed that an 8-day vacation in the Tuzara bungalow with a flight program costs about 5,400 euros per person, or a little over 21,400 BGN.

Apparently, this time Crisco, who is said to not like to spend at all, has decided to untie the purse and look at his wife, writes show.blitz

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