A man was making Turkish coffee while riding a bicycle

The video of a man making Turkish coffee has gone viral on social media and has shocked people.

You might be wondering why?

That's because he made coffee while riding a bicycle.

A part of the caption shared with the video reads, "Turkish coffee with free delivery across the country."

At the beginning of the video, a man is seen placing a wooden board on the handle of his bicycle.

As the video progresses, he pours coffee in a vessel and places a small gas stove on board.

Once he adds water to the coffee and makes it a fine mixture, he then puts it on the stove and heats it.

At the end of the clip, he pours the coffee into a disposable glass and gives it to a customer.

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The video was shared on Instagram on 3 February.

It has since gone viral with over 5.1 million views and the numbers are still rising.

Many people have given their reactions in the comment section.

One wrote: “How nice, it takes a lot of balance.

Good job,” another wrote, “Excellent.”

A third wrote, “How can this not fall?

what do you mean?"

What do you say about this barista's talent?