Femactivist Nasta Bazar

launched the hashtag


"How to avoid sexualized violence?

What's wrong with the advice we hear?

"Don't walk alone at night", "don't drink alcohol in unfamiliar company", "don't wear short skirts", "don't wear bright make-up", "don't go without your boyfriend".

The problem is that all this advice is given to women.

I have a question, what can men do to reduce sexualized violence.

Please write in the comments."

Nasta Bazar called.

In total, this hashtag has been used about a hundred times on various platforms.

Mostly on Instagram.

You can read the stories at THIS LINK.

Blogger Maksim Parshuta

, the author of the YouTube channel "Maximalno",

joined the action .

This project is dedicated to Belarusian women.

"What does "teaching not to rape" mean?

I'm not just talking about literal rape - as it happened to the Belarusian Liza in Warsaw, who died after being attacked by a rapist.

It's a lot more:

- jokes about the fact that raping women on trains is right;

- win her over and push her when she says "no";

- knocking on the table, swinging a fist, threatening to hit.

Yes, "just kidding" too;

- to hug and touch a woman, if you were not allowed to do so;

- calling women "sluts", "heifers" and other words that should simply be forgotten;

— to think "it's my fault" and, by God, write or speak about it publicly.

If you have such a thought, reflect on it, think about where it came from, and fight with it;

- These are thoughts (worse - actions based on these thoughts) that if a girl wears red lipstick / in a short skirt / she is drunk / etc. - this is a sign to all men on this planet that she is ready to sleep with them.

No, damn, she just wanted to wear a short skirt and get fucked!

Everything, it doesn't mean anything anymore.

No, this is not the whole list - but let's start with it.

Let's start to catch such thoughts and actions in ourselves - and stop thinking and doing like that."

— writes Parshuta.

25-year-old Belarusian Lizaveta, who was brutally attacked in the center of Warsaw, died on March 1.

The immediate cause of the woman's death was brain death.

The woman was in critical condition in the resuscitation and anesthesiology department of one of the capital's hospitals.

The attack took place on Sunday, February 25, on Zhuravia Street in the very center of Warsaw.

A 25-year-old Belarusian woman was returning home when a masked man attacked her.

The same day he was arrested, he confessed to the attack.

The man may face life imprisonment.

Crime scene

A makeshift memorial was erected at the site of the rape of a Belarusian in Warsaw.

People bring flowers there and light candles.