Panipuri wala becomes matchmaker

These days, a social media thread is going viral, in which a woman told on social media how a Panipuri vendor is being made a marriage bureau person and he is being asked to find perfect matches for weddings. .

Female customers are pressurizing the Panipuri seller to find a groom for her daughter.

After the woman's thread went viral, discussion about it started on social media.

My contribution to India is not for beginners: I go to my pani puri bhaiya and there are a few women there having an intense conversation with him.

As they leave, he starts ranting to me and you will not believe this…

— Prakriti (@prakritea17) February 28, 2024

Panipuri seller made matchmaker

The woman posted from an account named @prakritea17 on the platform 'X' and told how she saw a group of women having a serious conversation with the Panipuri seller.

As they left, the golgappa vendor looked irritated and revealed that the woman had requested him to find a perfect groom for her younger daughter among his customers.

The user expressed surprise that Panipuri is taking the lady's request seriously and is investigating the boys coming to the stall about their earnings.

She also made an effort and found a boy who earns Rs 1.2 lakh per month and works as a software engineer, but ultimately the match could not be made because his religion was different.

After this, she was now asked to first check with the boy whether he was a Hindu or not.

People said- ask for fees

The woman titled her post, 'My contribution to India is not for beginners'.

Many ex-users have commented on the woman's post.

One user wrote, You can suggest that Panipuri seller charges 2 thousand to find a groom and if the suggested groom actually becomes the husband then he charges 20 thousand. Another wrote, I want to find such a girl. Would like to visit his stall again and again.