The site revealed about a scandalous fraud in "The Bachelor".

It turns out that Alek Mladenov does not meet the most important condition for participation in the reality show, namely - to be a bachelor!

Even before entering the show, he had a serious girlfriend, with whom he is still to this day.

"I regularly see them together at the restaurant where I work.

They act in love and have been together for a long time," reveals an informant who knows Alec well.

His mystery girlfriend is blonde, looks to be in her 30s and has a child.

But the most important thing is not any of the participants in "The Bachelor".

This is again covered with the information that there will be no winner this season and Alec will be leaving alone.

And although this is his right, for fans of the show, the bitter aftertaste of yet another deception remains.

The same situation occurred in the first season, when shortly before the finale, the news broke that Viktor Stoyanov actually had a boyfriend even before entering the reality format.

A terrible scandal in "The Bachelor"!

One of the participants is a witch, everyone is trembling for their lives

However, that is not all.

It turns out that Alec is not only lying about his personal life, but also dishonest in his behavior.

People from his environment revealed that his TV image is radically different from the real one.

"In his everyday life, he rarely smiles, he is not into jokes and humor at all.

An extremely serious person - nothing to do with the wide smile we see on the screen," say acquaintances.

“The Bachelor is not who he says he is!

I know him off the cuff – a very well-mannered man indeed, but he's neither world-traveled nor talkative nor has a sense of humour,' another independent source revealed.

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