Pop legend Vasil Naydenov does not know where his own father Mikhail is buried and has never stepped on his grave, his relatives say.

The beloved singer has cut off all contact with his paternal family and did not want to know any details about them.

He did not feel the need to honor the memory of his late parent, because he could not yet forgive him for abandoning his mother and him as an infant and seeking him only when he became a star.

The long-deceased Michael left the family when Vasko was one year old.

"After a concert at the Sofia Circus 40 years later, an elderly man came into the dressing room and said to me: 'I am your father.'

I was speechless.

The man was foreign to me, I felt awkward and stupid.

I didn't feel him as a father, I was raised by others," the singer said.

Because he grew up without a father and was orphaned at an early age due to the death of his mother Margarita, the three who raised him were his maternal aunt, his grandmother, and his grandfather.

His mother, who was a talented opera singer, passed away from cancer at the age of 42.

After her, his father also died, to whose funeral he did not go, and still does not know where exactly his eternal home is, writes Hotarena.

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The performer of "Telephone Love" frankly shared that after the loss of his aunt, he no longer has living relatives and family, as he does not communicate with his brothers and sister from his father's second marriage.

One of them - Georges - recently mentioned.

Naydenov heard about his death belatedly from acquaintances.

Georges came into the media space years ago, after it became clear that he was placed in a clinic for the mentally ill, and before that he was begging in the capital.

The man died as a result of his many illnesses.

As a young man, he worked at the Cinema Center in "Boyana", but suddenly he began to lose his sight.

Doctors found it difficult to diagnose him - adenoma of the pituitary gland.

Despite the operations, he remained disabled.

Then he suffered a stroke, which left him paralyzed on the left side of the body, and he died not long after.

His famous brother did not send him on his last journey.

Vasil Naydenov also did not want any contact with his other half-brother Lyubo and sister Tanya.

He knew he had nephews, but he didn't know them personally either.

Years ago, there were rumors in the Variety Guild that his relatives had been desperately seeking contact with him because they hoped to one day get their hands on his inheritance.

The pop ace, who is among the richest in the industry, has no heirs, but so far he has not shared what his intentions are and whether he will act like his colleague Lili Ivanova. Lili Ivanova was born in the town of Kubrat.

She graduated from a medical college in Varna, and later worked.

Last year, she settled her will and transferred all her money, property and song rights to a foundation set up in her name.

Thus, he deprived his sister Magda, his nieces Radmila and Maria and their children of their inheritance.

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