Dancing Elephant Viral Video:

Videos related to animals often appear on the internet.

While some videos shock the heart, some touch the heart.

Recently a similar video is coming out, seeing which you will definitely lose your heart.

In the video, an elephant is seen dancing very well in the middle of the road, that too on Rajinikanth's famous song 'Kawala'.

The elephant's costume in the video is amazing, on which even the hearts of social media users are stuck.

Elephant seen dancing on the streets of Kerala (Hathi Ka Dance)

Have you ever seen an elephant dancing?

If your answer is no, then it is worth watching this recently viral video.

This amazing video going viral is said to be from Kerala, in which an elephant is seen raising its legs and dancing in a very cool manner on Rajinikanth's famous song 'Kawala'.

The elephant's costume in the video is also very amazing, from which it is difficult to take one's eyes off.

This video has also been shared on Reddit.

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People lavished love (elephant costume kerala)

Seeing the video, people are guessing that this is a part of some festival, in which humans are dancing in the guise of elephants.

There are mixed reactions from users on the video.

Some people say that the elephant has been trained for this dance.

Some people are confused about whether it is a real elephant or not.

While some are calling it a good change regarding the safety of elephants.

Referring to the web series, a user wrote, 'According to the series, there are more than 2300 captive elephants in India.

I hope that someday they will all return to their natural habitat and can live a peaceful life like others.